Our Mission and Ministries


Sister Disciples of the Divine Master share in the mission of the Pauline Family founded by blessed James Alberione: to live and communicate Jesus Christ Way, Truth and Life to humanity of today with the most effective means made available by human progress, in the spirit of Saint Paul the Apostle of nations.

Our specific mission can be synthetised in one phrase: lead people to the Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life. All the apostolic activities (ministries) are directed toward this goal: the love of Jesus living in the Eucharist, in the Priesthood and in the Liturgy.

Leading souls to the Eucharist

The Eucharist is the centre and unifying force of our lives and mission. From the Eucharist we draw light, joy, example and every grace, so as to be in Christ living and active members in the Church. We dedicate ourselves to Eucharistic Adoration and assume the ministry of intercession for the needs of the Church, of all peoples and of the Pauline Family. We pray for those who preach the Word of God and those who work in the communications so that the Good News - Jesus Christ may reach all peoples. Thus, each Sister prays before the Blessed Sacrament one and a half hour every day, hence becoming the voice of humanity before the Lord.

The faithful are welcome in our Chapels to spend time in Adoration before Jesus Master. They also join the Sisters in praying the Prayer of the Church (Morning and Evening Prayer).

Our Eucharist-centred ministry is extended to other forms, like Pastoral Care to the sick and dying. This is done by Prayer/Communion Services, counselling, pastoral listening, and having the privilege of preparing them for their encounter with the merciful God.

Proclaiming God through Beauty

We proclaim the unconditional love of God for humanity also through the way of beauty which promotes the interaction between the Christian faith and different cultures. We are at the service of God’s people by promoting liturgical and artistic formation so that the Christian community may live, pray and celebrate in dignity and beauty, and attain full communion with God, with others and with creation.

Through mystagogical catechesis and pastoral liturgy, we seek to help believers to enter into the mystery of life in Christ as well as to discover and deepen the gestures, symbols and words of the Liturgy and live it with more awareness and active participation.

We desire to help the people of our times to “pray in beauty.” Various artistic activities are at the service of Evangelization and are instruments of communicating with God and communicating God to others. Our apostolic Liturgical Centres are places of encounter with people, of ecumenical dialogue, of supplying our productions of various art forms linked to the liturgy. Here the beauty of the liturgy is promoted through quality liturgical vessels, vestments, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, furnishings and so on.

In Australia we have two Liturgical Apostolate Centres: one in Strathfield (NSW) and one in Camberwell (Vic). It has always been the policy of our Liturgical Centres that they are open to all denominations, and so collaborate in the ecumenical movement of the Church.

As women associated with priestly zeal

By Baptism we all share in the priesthood of Christ, in his prophetic and royal mission. Sister Disciples collaborate in the edification of the Church in the spirit of Mary and of the women who followed Jesus in his ministry of proclaiming the Gospel (Luke 8:1-3). Hence, its particular expression is our association with the mission of ordained ministers. We pray for vocations, accompany them to the priesthood and collaborate in their formation in a variety of ways. We have special concern for the priest and religious living in situations of poverty, need, sickness and old age. We pray for them after death.

In Australia, we minister to the sick and elderly priests in two Priestly Houses in the Archdiocese of Melbourne - Justin Villa and George Maher House - where nursing and pastoral care is given to those who have spent their lives for others.

50 years of Pddm priestly service in Melbourne