Prayer, Retreats and Quiet time with the Lord

The Sister Disciples offer –

  • A place for those seeking space and solitude.
  • An atmosphere of quiet and peace.
  • Prayer and reflection.
  • An area set apart from the Convent consisting of three bedrooms, room for discussion sharing etc., a dining room/kitchenette and access to the community Chapel.

Suggested Fees

Private *$70.00 (overnight stay)
*$55.00 (for a day)
Groups *$120.00 per day
*$80.00 (half day)

*Fees are negotiable

For bookings and general information please contact:

Sr M Catherine Attard
Sister Disciples of the Divine Master
55 Broughton Road
Phone: 02 9764 2860
Fax: 02 9764 6155