In the Pauline Family


Urged on by the action of the Holy Spirit our Founder, Father James Alberione (1884-1971), founded various institutes united among themselves by the same spirituality and a bond of profound communion: the Pauline Family.

We are part of the unifying project of the Pauline Family: to live and communicate Jesus Christ Way, Truth and Life to humanity today with the fastest and most effective means made available to human progress. As Sister Disciples, we are called upon to cultivate communion: with our ministry of prayer of intercession we go “to the root of the vine to obtain the lymph which nourishes the plant so as to bear fruits of holiness and apostolate.”

The institutes of the Pauline Family are: five religious congregations:

  • Society of Saint Paul,
  • Daughters of Saint Paul,
  • Sister Disciples of the Divine Master,
  • Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd,
  • Institute of the Queen of Apostles for vocations (Apostoline Sisters)

Four aggregated institutes:

  • Jesus Priest (for diocesan priests),
  • Saint Gabriel, Archangel (for men),
  • Mary Most Holy of the Annunciation (for women),
  • Institute of the Holy Family (for married couples),

And one lay association for lay collaborators in the Pauline mission: The Association of Pauline Cooperators.