Eucharistic Adoration


Jesus Christ is the Way, and the Truth and the Life in the Eucharist, in which he is present in Body, soul, and divinity. He dwells in the Tabernacle and calls us to himself.
What is the Eucharistic Adoration? It is the meeting of our soul and of all our being with Jesus.
It is the creature meeting his Creator;
the disciple before the Divine Master;
the patient with the Doctor o souls;
the poor one appealing to the Rich One;
the thirsty one drinking at the Font;
the weak presenting themselves to the Almighty;
the tempted one seeking a sure Refuge;
the blind one searching for the Light;
the friend who goes to the True Friend;
the lost sheep sought by the divine Shepherd;
the heart led astray who finds the Way;
the foolish one who finds Wisdom;
the bride who finds the Spouse of the soul;
the nothing who finds the All;
the afflicted who finds the Consoler;
the youth who finds life’s meaning.
It is the shepherds at the manger, Magdalene at the house of Simon, Nicodemus who arrives by night.
It is the holy conversations of the Samaritan, of Zacchaeus, of Philip and of all the Apostles with Jesus, especially during the last week of his earthly life and after the Resurrection.
One approaches Jesus as the Mediator between God and humanity, as the Priest of the Father, as the Victim of expiation, as the Messiah come to earth, as the Word of God, the Shepherd, the Way and Truth and Life, the Saviour of the world.
Fr. James Alberione

The Pauline practice of Eucharistic adoration follows the Truth, Way, Life method, divided into three parts, of more or less equal duration.
These or others prayer may be said:

I believe, my God, that I am in your presence,
that you are looking at me and listening to my prayers.
You are so great and so holy: I adore you.
You have given me all: I thank you.
You have been so offended by me: I ask your pardon with all my heart.
You are so merciful: I ask of you all the graces which you know are beneficial to me.

FIRST PART: in honour of Jesus Truth, to obtain an increase of spiritual knowledge and faith, one dedicates oneself to spiritual readings, meditates on the Holy Scriptures, especially on the Gospel that the Liturgy proposes for the day.
Before reading Sacred Scripture:
Jesus, give us a heart open to your word.
Send your Spirit to remind us of the truths you teach,
the witness of your life, and the wisdom of your way.
Thank you for the gift of Sacred Scripture,
your living word and food for our journey.
May we preserve your words in our minds
and meditate on them in our heart as your Mother Mary did,
so that all our words and actions may proclaim you.

Prayer after meditation:
Jesus Divine Master, you have words of eternal life.
I believe, O Lord and Truth, but increase my faith.
I love you, O Lord and Way, with all my strength,
because you have commanded us to observe your commandments perfectly.
I pray to you, O Lord and Life.
I adore you, I praise you, I beseech you, and I thank you for the gift of Sacred Scripture.
With Mary, I shall remember and preserve your words in my mind
and I shall meditate on them in my heart.
Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life,
have mercy on us.

SECOND PART: in honour of Jesus Way, to obtain help in the practice of virtues. It is a time for examination of conscience. It is like an attentive gaze fixed on Jesus Master, in a continual contemplation, to imitate his virtues, to conform ourselves to him, to open our soul to his presence. It is the attitude of the disciple who looks, listens, understand the Master, and welcomes him. It is the ordinary and necessary means for knowing ourselves.
The examination of conscience grounds us in humility, disposes us to gratitude toward God, to sorrow for sin, and to firm resolution for the future.

Act of contrition
My God, I believe in you,
I trust in you,
I love you above all things,
with all my heart and mind and strength.
I love you because you are supremely good and worth loving;
And because I love you,
I am sorry with all my heart for offending you.
Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.

THIRD PART: in honour of Jesus Life, to obtain the graces necessary for our spiritual work or for our particular needs as well as needs of the Church and of the world. The rosary can be prayed.

Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity
O Divine Trinity,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
present and active in the Church and in the depths of my soul,
I adore you, I thank you, I love you!
And through the hands of Mary most holy,
I give myself entirely to you for life and for eternity.
To you, heavenly Father, I offer and give myself
to be consecrated as your child.
To you, Jesus Master, I offer and give myself
to be consecrated as your brother/sister and disciple.
To you, Holy Spirit, I offer and give myself
to be consecrated as a “living temple” to be blessed and sanctified.
O Mary, Mother of the Church and my Mother,
teach me to live, through the liturgy and the sacraments,
in ever more intimate union with the three divine Persons,
so that my whole life may be a glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.

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