Meditating on the Word of God


Meditation on Scriptures is a prayerful, in-depth and engaging listening to the Word of God that nourishes our relationship with the Lord and enables us to discern where the Spirit leads us. It is a privileged place for the dialogue of the heart with the Lord.

I choose the place of prayer – chapel or room – that best favours listening to God.

In prayer I present to God the desire which I carry in my heart (this is to establish the dialogical encounter with the Lord, without which everything could be reduced to an intellectual exercise) and invoke the Holy Spirit.

I entrust my whole person to Jesus the Master, in listening and dialogue:

  • I read the proposed Scripture passage (for example the Gospel of the day). I read it again slowly. I take time to visualize the scene, the place where it happens, the main characters, the words they exchange, the tone of the voices, the gestures. I seek to understand what the Lord wants to communicate to me: it is the encounter of the mind with Jesus Truth.
  • I re-read the passage highlighting how the Lord speaks to me, until a few words fully involve me. I let my feelings emerge, without censorship and without judgment. I speak with the Lord about what I am receiving from him today: it is the heart's encounter with Jesus Life.
  • I ask the Lord to show me how to adhere to what he is communicating to me; I build an open dialogue with the Lord, which moves and grows on the basis of his suggestions and my acts of welcoming love: it is the encounter of the will with Jesus Way.

 As a friend does with a friend, I talk to the Lord and ask him the grace to put his Word  into practice.

I recite an Our Father and Hail Mary to leave the prayer.