Finehika enters Postulancy in Rome

On the 24th June on the feast of the Birth of St John the Baptist, Finehika together with her two companions entered Postulancy, a new stage in their Formation Journey.

Our Mother General, Sr.Maria Micheala Monetti received Finehika and her companions into  Postulancy during a simple but beautiful ritual ceremony.  The General Councillors, the Postulant mistress, Sr.M.Providenza and the sisters from the Mother Scholastica community joyfully participated in this special event.

On the feast of Sts Peter and Paul, the three postulants had the joy of participating at the Holy Father’s Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica.

We wish Finehika and her two companions every blessing in their time of Postulancy. We pray that this stage of their Formation journey will be a time of spiritual growth and a deepening of their love for Jesus Master and of the charism and mission of the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master.