Novice Lalamea

The 10th of February, feast of St. Scholastica, is a very significant day for all the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master around the world. This year we celebrated the 96th anniversary of the foundation day of our Congregation and also the feast of the first Sister Disciple, Venerable Mother Mary Scholastica.

On this special occasion, Lalamea Vaohea entered the novitiate in the Philippine Province.  She had been sent to the Philippines from the Australian Delegation to complete her initial formation. The novitiate is a very important stage in Lalamea’s formation journey. The sisters from the Australian Delegation had the joy of greeting Lalamea by phone on this day and they all assured of her of their prayers and sisterly support. Together with her we rejoice and thank God for all the wonderful gifts and blessings he has so lavishly bestowed on her. We pray that Jesus the Divine Master will always be with her as the Way for her to follow, the Truth for her to believe and the Life for her to live. May Mary our Mother and Queen of the Apostles accompany Lalamea in this time of her novitiate and obtain for her every grace and blessing that she needs to grow in the charism and mission of the Sister Disciples.