Celebration of the Centenary of the Congregation

February 10th, we lived in thanksgiving and in special communion with all our Sisters all over the world as we celebrated the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our Congregation. It was exactly on that day, the liturgical memory of Saint Scholastica, in 1924, that our Founder, blessed James Alberione, presented to the other members of the Pauline Family founded by him in Alba (Italy), a group of 8 young women to be called Sister Disciples of the Divine Master. Over the hundred years the little “seed” has grown and spread its branches to all the continents. Today about 1200 sisters are present in 30 countries.

In Australia, we gathered together with our family members and friends at St. Dominic’s Parish Church in Flemington, NSW, to celebrate this memorable occasion on Sunday, February 11th. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Most Rev Terence Brady.

It was an occasion to thank God for the gift of our Charism to the Church. By the action of the Holy Spirit we receive “the grace of the apostolate” in Jesus Master Way, Truth and Life. Like Mary, Mother of God, and the women of the Gospel, transformed by their meeting with the Risen Lord, the Beauty that saves the world, we are sent as apostles with the Apostles to proclaim, celebrate and serve him through the Eucharistic, liturgical and priestly mission.